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Equilibrium is Grantham’s premium gym and fitness studio. 

We’re open to all ages, all levels, all abilities. Our philosophy is to empower our clients to train at their own pace towards their own goals. We bring you effective, high-energy classes created and led by Grantham's finest personal trainers that will challenge and change you. Classes on offer are simple enough for beginners yet designed to challenge the most experienced customer.


Equilibrium Grantham provides a premium gym and fitness studio — designed to challenge the humdrum of everyday gyms. A versatile training space, carefully designed to encourage members to feel their own. 

Equilibrium Gym + Fitness offers Grantham's widest selection of free weight training equipment and lifting platforms. Friendly and knowledgeable staff combined with a sense of a journey. A balanced and flexible approach to fitness with a high level of personalisation.




Grantham — This is your gym


Equilibrium Gym + Fitness is based in Grantham, Caunt Road.
Conveniently located 5 minutes from Grantham Train Station. To find us drive up Caunt Road through the gates, our gym is on the left. We have free parking available.